Falling Petals

July 5, 2010 at 3:09 PM (Poetry)

A chance

a miscalculation

and death comes for me now

but this isn’t me

this isn’t right

and I can see the black

consuming me

taking over me

my blood rejects this poison

I gag

my life twirling

spinning around like

an intoxicated ballerina

she jumps and pirouettes

I feel myself falling

falling victim to this

untimely end



  1. Jingle said,


    please help visit 5 people,
    wishing them Happy Belated Birthday or Get Well Soon.
    Thank you in advance!

  2. dustus said,

    In many ways, one can sense the gravity of your lines. cheers

  3. williewizzy said,

    I feel about this. Good poem.

  4. Ms. Peaches said,

    wow this is way deep…I like your work…thanks for sharing I’m here from Jingle’s hope you have time to stop by and give me a read…


  5. Jingle said,

    your poem is represented now as promised,
    Happy Wednesday!

    cute poem!

  6. oinky said,

    lovely poem 🙂

  7. buttercup600 said,

    A beautiful poem written fromthe heart. x

  8. Charles Maurer said,

    i like how this not only is written beautifully but also it tells a story

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