Three Candles Flicker

July 5, 2010 at 2:58 AM (Poetry)


to shut my eyes

I clutch the white

in any way I can


float around my head

taunting and turning

‘sleep love,


I shiver

eyelids flutter

leaning against my soul

for comfort

wrapped in warmth

coldness seeps in my mind

‘let go, princess’



  1. Jingle said,

    time to vote again,
    please scan the links and vote for 1 to 20 poets, thank you in advance!

    next Rally post will be on July 21, 2010.

  2. arcanewhisper said,

    this gave me the chills, great work. (:

  3. dragonfliesandgoosebumps said,

    so sad and beautiful at the same time. loved it.

  4. Cerridwyn Tiponi said,

    Awesome poem…loved the images it produces…

  5. hoiden said,

    even i’ve had those moments…beautifully expressed…

  6. buttercup600 said,

    Awesome….I love the feeling of this poem:)

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