Surviving Beauty

July 28, 2010 at 12:12 AM (Poetry)

Feeling you through
the notes pounding in my head
my heart cries out
as I’m sucked back into you
tasting your sweat
sweet sweet auras mingling

I need to touch you
slip my hand into yours
the moonlight dims;
we’re running out of time
but the music’s just too

I can’t think and I push
instead of the noise, you
push you away, mistake the
crying for pain
the pain for crying

in my brain, in my throat
blocking my screams
horror runs through me,
I stand.



  1. fiveloaf said,


  2. Kavita said,

    Intense and beautifully written!!
    Wow!! I was blown by the opposite effects here .. the desire v/s reality!
    Excellently written! Thanks for participating in the potluck… we are so glad to have you here! xoxox

  3. Talon said,

    Loved the title…and the poem had a tense quality that suited the subject matter perfectly. It seems we can’t survive beauty. 🙂

  4. Jingle said,

    Thanks for linking in.
    Happy monday!

    have fun looking around.

    • Amaya'sLove said,

      Thanks, I will.. everything on the potluck site is wonderful ❤

  5. Jingle said,


    dynamic and beautiful sentiments.
    lovely done!

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