Mother’s Estuary

October 19, 2010 at 10:10 PM (Poetry)

Whispering wind forming

harmonies in the reeds

chirping and whistles

layer sounds, loving breeze

Liquid life running free

setting our melody

goldenrod and butterflys

dancing through the air

Trailing in the grass

my fingers softly rustle

golden sunlight

setting a lilac scene

Listening to the call of nature

her soprano soul

As tadpoles flit in

my special shore leave



  1. buttercup600 said,

    Full of imagery and such creative expression my friend…love the read and thanks for sharing 🙂 Hugs x

    • Amaya'sLove said,

      Thank You for the praise!
      I really appreciate it

  2. fiveloaf said,

    wonderful imagery.. reminds me of my ” tale of the sky” 🙂

    • Amaya'sLove said,

      I will try to read your tale
      thanks for the support!

  3. Jingle said,

    pleasant read.
    Thanks for sharing!

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