hopeless Imaginings

January 3, 2011 at 4:15 PM (Poetry)

I tremble beneath your gaze

an experiment you wish to observe,

scrutinize my every move

yet this trial was voluntary, a  test

of my own will, one I painfully endure.

But for how long?

(when will you tire of me, or how soon

will I break under your watchful presence?)

May it be hours or weeks or years,

my heart will inflame with each ones passing

for the haze of green eyes (so deep

my soul slides in, engulfing me in heat)

that lies upon my self is plenty

compensation for my discomfort.

At this moment, my being longs to please you

(a man so great, my barriers are dropped

and submission has my head bowed)

and I think to reach out, to touch

the face of this power.

(Truly disappointment cannot poison my spirit,

this lithe, dreaming thing)

yet my hands feel nothing of you,

my soul sensing no life.

It is only my mind which knows of you,

this silly, frail thing..




  1. fiveloaf said,

    amazing and i like this amaya.. here’s my potluck http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/01/25/paper-scribbles/

  2. Jingle said,

    amazing poetry,
    welcome back.

  3. NotATameLion said,

    (Truly disappointment cannot poison my spirit,

    this lithe, dreaming thing)

    An excellent poem in the whole…but I have FELT these lines of yours that I quote above of late.


    Thank you for sharing this poem (:

    • Amaya'sLove said,

      Thanks for the much needed praise. I’ve enjoyed writing my poems a lot more lately since they seem to be coming about less frequently.. I’m glad you enjoyed it

  4. Olivia said,

    It has been a while, hope that you have a promising and fulfilling 2011 ahead.
    We have enjoyed your support in 2010, a great big thanks here, cheers!

    We will have our 17th potluck beginning this Sunday, Hope to see you in.

    our theme this week is: “the road ahead”, but you are welcome to share old poems or poems unrelated to our theme..

    The more you share, the happier we are…
    You have been a gem to our community, keep shining with your fabulous talent and have fun!

  5. Olivia said,

    Very well expressed Dear.. Wonderfully written..
    Hugs xox

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