Remembering Life

March 18, 2011 at 10:49 PM (Poetry)

Why does this sorrow

burn through my veins

this heat dispersing through

my mind, a slow poisonous miasma

An unending, never satisfying

swerving on the edges of emotion

I need, I need and no one sees


Juliet sobs and I just stare

wondering why, how the tears fall

will she reach out, remembering life

or will I be forever fated to meander

Wandering aimlessly, a life

lacking passion meaning soul

A soul with no remembered purpose rests in me


My spirit rises with the advent of hope

Adrenaline rushing, fooling filling flooding

Flames lick at my veins and I do remember

Remember loss and life and regret

and so I run from this feeling

If only to find myself lost and lonely

once again on the edge of love



  1. magher1 said,

    Oh, I can so much relate to this. Pure and deep poem. Maybe one day we’ll find it again… 😉

    • Amaya'sLove said,

      Love is a bitter sweet thing to wander into finding. But maybe 🙂


  2. mindlovemisery said,

    Beautifully written. I love your style and the flow.

  3. Raksha said,

    The edge of love is what holds us:)Liked this piece:)

    • Amaya'sLove said,

      Love is perfect when it’s near but far, and it makes the world go ’round.

  4. Life: Between the lines said,

    I thought i had passed by before. but I don’t see my comment 🙂
    I like your piece particularly the second stanza, nicely woven 🙂
    enjoy the potluck!

  5. Marlee-I Mystic said,

    A great ride of emotion and yearning, Thanks for sharing!

  6. Daydreamertoo said,

    Beautiful and exquisitely sad.

    • Amaya'sLove said,

      Thanks for the feedback, it makes it all worth it, you know?

  7. Jingle said,

    profound words, you have done it beautifully,

    bless you.


    keep writing.

  8. Jingle Poetry said,

    so long, how are you? amazing piece here.


    Week 27 Poetry Potluck is open, welcome/Thanks (4) joining us…share your poetry with us today…

    Friendship Awards, Enjoy!

    Happy Monday,
    Bless you!

  9. Pablo said,

    It’s been a long time. I’ve really missed your poems. I really do love how you write. Thanks for posting.

    • Amaya'sLove said,

      Thanks for reading 🙂 I’ve missed my poems, too. I’m so glad I’ve started writing again, it was getting bad..

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