September 14, 2011 at 1:18 AM (Posts)

The mesmerizing tones of Phantom music fill me as I belt out the soprano parts. I love this feeling, and I love having this girl beside me. Her hair is blonde now but soon it will have strawberry highlights. After school choir is every Thursday and that day is still my favorite. We meet in the girls’ bathroom when it’s over and she touches up my make-up. We make our way down Half Hallow, my combat boots the light steady beat behind her skipping personality.

I want to stop at the park on the way and she gives in, running to the swings. We stay like this for a while- bags abandoned on the recycled tire floor, laughing, the swing set jerking back and forth. Then we move on. Our regular Monster and Whoppers candy in hand. The sugar makes us bubbly, the sharing makes me loved. We surround ourselves with books and read only sparingly.


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  1. Pablo said,

    Happy Birthday!

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